Why Training With Us

Why Join Our Training Program?
1. There is a huge gap between the candidates who have just graduated from college or those who are trained by the commercial training centers and the practical knowledge required by the corporates to work on their time bound projects.
2. Corporates of all sizes, small, medium and large have a common problem – Not able to find QUALITY software professionals with good theory and practical knowledge.
3. With our vast experience in training, development and with our associations with various corporate clients we had the opportunity to understand the current needs software industry. With this experience and to provide resources who are JOB READY our team has worked intensely in creating a special course which can be attended by a novice programmer in shaping themselves into an independent software developer.
4. Our Training program is a 100% JOB READY training program in which the participants will be provided complete theory and practical knowledge of the technology.

Who is this Training program for?
• You want to be a software programmer?
• Having challenges facing a Technical Interview?
• You have completed your Graduation and Still Looking for a Job ?
• You don’t know anything about technology, but want to explore your career in Software?
• You are confused how the sites are being created and want to develop a site for yourself?
• You want to understand coding and drive it as a passion in developing websites?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions! then here’s our Training Programms which helps your get proficient in understanding the code. With this you will not only hold a grip on technology but also:
• Understand Technology
• Crack Technical Interviews
• Grab your dream job
• Create a website on your own with all your desired features.
• You will understand databases

To be a part of this program you need to have the below eligibility:
• Minimum of 50% throughout your academics in any stream
• Should dedicate 6 hours everyday
• Should be self-motivated
• Basic C programming languages is essential

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