Website content creation and sending guidelines for clients. Text Content

Text content should be ONLY in MS Word ".doc" file format. Should be saved in WORD 2003 format ONLY. Clearly define the CATEGORY like Home / About us / Services / Products / Projects / Portfolio / Contact us etc. Contact page will contain ONLY ONE form which will connected to ONE email ID. So please define your primery email ID properly. (Other emails can be listed with address.)


Logo / Pictures (Images):

All images should be saved in JPEG or GIF formats. Name of the files should be appropriately done (E.g. yourcompany-logo.gif, yourcompany-logo.jpg, yourcompany-services01.jpg, yourcompany-product01.jpg, etc.) All logos, images & pictures are to be provided by the client. If necessary purchase images from the image websites.


Design of Website

Clients can choose their desired design from the WEBNAGAR.COM and clearly define it in their ORDER FORM while placing order. Order form is also available on WEBNAGAR.COM.


Important instructions

Copying text content from other websites is not only unethical but also lowers your website in Search Engines. Do not copy images from other websites, it is unethical and harms your company reputation. Please try to make your unique content, it will give you boost in Search Engines. Contents and Designs once finalised will not be changed.


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